State Legislature

Throughout the year the MPA actively tracks state and federal issues that impact the pharmacy profession.  The association is present at meetings of the Montana Board of Pharmacy, hearings when rules are being considered and implemented, and communicates with Montana's congressional delegation in Washington, D.C. and national pharmacy associations, such as APhA, ASHP, NCPA and NACDS.  


This is the 65th session of the Montana Legislature. 

Check out the MPA Bill Tracking List for the 2017 Legislative Session.

Governor Steve Bullock officially signs HB 276 into law on March 31, 2017. 
 MPA leaders and bill sponsor attend ceremony.

This new law provides transparency in how Montana pharmacies are reimbursed by PBMs, and provides pharmacists with the option to "opt out" if they are reimbursed less than acquisition cost.  

Congratulations and thanks to all who assisted in passing this bill in spite of strong opposition along the way.

Front row - left to right:  Senator Ed Greef, bill sponsor, and Governor Steve Bullock
Back row -- Sharon Greef, Stuart Doggett, MPA Executive Director; Tony King, MPA Legislative Committee Co-Chair; Paul Brand, MPA Chair.

Left to right:  Senator Ed Greef, bill sponsor; Sharon Greef; Paul Brand, MPA Chair


Legislative Halftime Report
posted February 27, 2017

The Montana Legislature is nearing the halfway point of the session and is scheduled to take a short transmittal break from March 1 to Monday, March 6. As of today, 2,580 bill drafts have been requested by lawmakers and 981 have been introduced. The great majority of those bills in drafting will automatically die since they were not introduced and passed before the transmittal deadline of March 1.

To date MPA has experienced a good session and below are highlights and the status of various bills worked on by the association and members of the legislative committee.

Bill Highlights
HB 177, A bill to revise administration of pharmacy immunization laws. This bill clarifies existing law to allow pharmacists to administer all forms of pneumococcal vaccine to those 12 years and older without a collaborative practice agreement. MPA supports this bill that has passed both legislative branches and is awaiting the Governor’s signature. Once he signs HB 177 it becomes law immediately.

HB 276, A bill to revise reimbursements for pharmacies. This bill calls for greater price transparency and provides pharmacists options when reimbursement claims provided by PBMs are less than the acquisition cost of the drug. MPA is the lead sponsor of this key legislation that has passed the House and was heard by the Senate Judiciary Committee on Feb. 21st. The committee will likely take executive action on this bill the week of March 6th. We requests that members who support this bill to contact Senators on the Judiciary Committee and/or other State Senators from their area to request a “yes vote on HB 276.”  Click here to access the members of the Senate Judiciary Committee.

HB 333, Adopt the Help Save Lives from Overdose Act is a measure that increases naloxone access and provides protections. MPA supports this bill that has passed the House and has been sent to the State Senate for their consideration.

SB 31, A bill to require Medicaid reimbursements to pharmacists who provide drug therapy management. MPA strongly supported this measure and the concept of this legislation is moving forward by administrative rule rather than legislatively as agreed to by the bill sponsor, MPA and DPHHS. As result the bill has been tabled and DPHHS is working with Carla Cobb, MPA and others supporters to have a drug therapy reimbursement program in place by administrative rule on July 1, 2017.

SB 56, A bill to revise the sunset dates related to licensing fees that fund the prescription drug registry. This bill continues until June 30, 2019 the fee paid by pharmacists and other providers who use the drug registry. MPA supported this bill that passed both branches of the legislature and has been signed into law by the Governor.

SB 68, A bill to revise wholesale drug distribution licensing by the Board of Pharmacy. This clarification bill brings Montana into compliance with federal law. MPA supported this bill that has passed both branches of the legislature and has been signed into law by the Governor.

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