Board of Directors

The Board of Directors meets 3 - 4 times annually: January at the Winter CE and Ski meeting in Big Sky, June at the Northwest Pharmacy Convention in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho and in the fall, generally in Missoula. Pharmacist members are elected for a four year term while the pharmacy technician director is elected for a two year term. Student directors are appointed for a two year term.  Elections are held annually in the spring with the new directors being seated at the Northwest Pharmacy Convention. Interested individuals may apply at any time and the application will be kept on file for the next election. For more information and to apply download the application.  Prefer to submit a name online?  Click here.

The Montana Pharmacy Association was established in 1890.  View the complete list of past presidents.


Stacey Pascoe, PharmD
Montana State Hospital, Warm Springs / Clinical Pharmacist
MPA Committees: Program & Awards (chair), Publication & PR
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Term ends: 2019
Stacey says:

  • Something most people do not know about her is that pharmacy is her second career.  She graduated from Montana State University with a degree in civil engineering in 2006 and designed small dams and irrigation systems in Montana for four years before returning to pharmacy school.
  • If she could have any job in the world her potential third career would be as a cake decorator.  She says it probably wouldn't work out because she is not artistic at all but it just looks so fun.
Vice Chair


Amanda Patel, PharmD
Providence St. Patrick Hospital, Missoula / Medication Safety Coordinator
MPA Committees: Membership & Benefits, Publications & PR (chair)

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Term ends: 2019
Amanda says:

  • Her favorite midnight snack is buttered popcorn.
  • Her favorite movie is Young Frankenstein.

Donna Beall, PharmD, FCCP

University of Montana, Missoula / Department of Pharmacy Practice  / Skaggs School of Pharmacy Director
MPA Committees: Legislative & Policy, Program & Awards
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Term ends: Ongoing UM representative
Donna says:

  • Her favorite outdoor place in Montana is Bowman Lake in Glacier National Park
  • If she could have any job in the world it would be as a penalty box official in the National Hockey League.

Christie Blaskovich, PharmD Candidate 2020

Paul Brand, PharmD, AE-C
Florence Pharmacy, Florence / Owner, Pharmacist
MPA Committees: Legislative and Policy (co-chair), ad hoc member of all MPA committees
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Term ends: 2018

Paul says:

  • His favorite outdoor place in Montana is on the Bitterroot River in a drift boat with a fly pole in one hand and a beer in the other.
  • If he could do any job in the world it would be as a fighter pilot.  F-16 is his jet of choice.

Dean Goroski, PharmD, BCPS
US Public Health Service, Crow Agency -- Pharmacy Supervisor
MPA Committees:  
Term ends: 2021

Rory Johnson, PharmD, AE-C
University of Montana, Skaggs School of Pharmacy, Missoula -- Community APPE Coordinator
MPA Committees: Legislative & Policy, Membership & Benefits
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Term ends: 2020
Rory says:

  • His favorite outdoor place in Montana is the confluence of the Tenderfoot Creek and the Smith River.
  • His favorite movie is The Big Lebowski.

Jason Nickisch, PharmD



Steven Pierson, BA, BS, PharmD Candidate 2019
University of Montana, Skaggs School of Pharmacy
MPA Committees:  Legislative & Policy, Membership & Benefits
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Term ends 2018
Steven says:

  • The celebrity he would most like to take to dinner is President Obama.
  • He can't pick just one movie but some of his favorites are Ordinary People, Sophie's Choice, Contact and Babe.

Leigh Scherer, BS, CPhT
SCL Health -- Sr. Pharmacy Applications Analyst at St. Vincent (Billings),
   Holy Rosary (MIles City) and St. James (Butte0
MPA Committees:  Program & Awards, Publications & PR
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Term ends 2018
Leigh says:

  • Her favorite outdoor place in Montana is Beehive, Montana on the Stillwater.
  • Her favorite movie is Shawshank Redemption.

Joshua Stillo, PharmD
Alpine Apothecary, Whitefish -- Owner/Pharmacist; Medical Arts Pharmacy (KRMC, Kalispell -- Staff Pharmacist
MPA Committees:  Membership & Benefits, Publication & PR
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Term ends 2020
Josh says:

  • His favorite outdoor place in Montana is the Jewel Basin near Bigfork, a hidden gem.
  • He was convinced he was going to be an astronaut when he was young.

Stuart Doggett

MPA Executive Director
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Stuart says:

  • If he could have any job in the world it would be as a sports broadcaster for ESPN.  It would be fun to be Chris Berman.
  • His favorite song is Werewolves of London by Warren Zevon.  He smiles every time he hears that song and loves the line "and his hair was perfect."

Gail Tronstad
Association Coordinator
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Gail says:

  • The celebrity she would most like to take to dinner would be Clint Eastwood.
  • If she could have any job in the world it would be as CEO of the charitable foundation she establishes right after she wins the PowerBall.