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Governor Issues Pharmacy Directive-Temporary Change in Technician Ratio for COVID

On March 30 Governor Gianforte issued a directive to further expand access to COVID-19 vaccines and assist in pharmacy staffing. 

In summary, the pharmacy directive provides for the following:

  • Directs the Board of Pharmacy to allow pharmacists who are qualified to prescribe, administer, and dispense authorized COVID-19 vaccines to utilize any health care provider licensed by this state or another state, and qualified to administer vaccines under their scope of practice, to assist in the administration of COVID-19 vaccines for the duration of the state of emergency.
    • See statute reference MCA 37-7-201, which sets out the powers and duties of the Board of Pharmacy, including the requirement that the Board regulate personnel who may work in a pharmacy or under the supervision of a pharmacist. 
  • Admin. R. Mont. 24.174.711(1) [mtrules.org], which restricts the number of pharmacy technicians a registered pharmacist may supervise, is waived for the duration of the state of emergency, with the following limitations:
    • A registered pharmacist and pharmacy technician must be authorized to administer an authorized COVID-19 vaccine.
    • The ratio is waived solely for the purpose of administering an authorized COVID-19 vaccine and conducting associated administrative duties and procedures.

For a complete copy of the Governor’s Directive go to:  Directive-3-30-2021-EO, “Directive Implementing Executive Order 2-2021 by waiving strict compliance with Admin. R. Mont. 24.174.711” 

 Launching the Federal Retail Pharmacy Program (Internal)
Frequently Asked Questions for Pharmacy Partners and Jurisdictions

Q: When will the program start?
As part of the initial phased implementation, select pharmacies in every jurisdiction will begin providing a limited amount of COVID-19 vaccine through the Federal Retail Pharmacy Program as early as Thursday, February 11. This phase of the program is designed to engage the system in a limited way to ensure the infrastructure is ready for large scale implementation when vaccine supply increases.

Q: Which pharmacy partners will be receiving vaccine for the program launch?
All pharmacy partners will be providing COVID-19 vaccine in a limited number of retail locations as part of the initial program launch, which will occur over a 2-week period. Jurisdictions and pharmacy partners have received lists of which partners will be providing vaccine in each jurisdiction as the program launches. CDC has created a webpage that lists the pharmacy partners currently participating in the program in your state. Click here to read full article.

COVID-19 Vaccination Plan-Montana

Montana DPHHS has sent out a COVID-19 Vaccination Interim Plan.  Please click here for the PDF version of this plan.

 Providing Immunizations

Well-Child Visit Templates: Tools to Meet HHS Requirement (September 9)

A Task Force on Pharmacist Engagement in State-Based COVID Vaccination comprising APhA, NASPA, and NCPA and state pharmacy association executives developed three tools for use by pharmacists to satisfy the requirement under the HHS Amendments authorizing pharmacists to administer childhood and COVID-19 vaccines. The latest HHS Amendment states: "the licensed pharmacist must, if the patient is 18 years of age or younger, inform the patient and the adult caregiver accompanying the patient of the importance of a well-child visit with a pediatrician or other licensed primary-care provider and refer patients as appropriate." Two tools are Word documents, so individuals may customize or add data.

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