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Governor Issues Pharmacy Directive-Temporary Change in Technician Ratio for COVID

On March 30 Governor Gianforte issued a directive to further expand access to COVID-19 vaccines and assist in pharmacy staffing. 

In summary, the pharmacy directive provides for the following:

  • Directs the Board of Pharmacy to allow pharmacists who are qualified to prescribe, administer, and dispense authorized COVID-19 vaccines to utilize any health care provider licensed by this state or another state, and qualified to administer vaccines under their scope of practice, to assist in the administration of COVID-19 vaccines for the duration of the state of emergency.
    • See statute reference MCA 37-7-201, which sets out the powers and duties of the Board of Pharmacy, including the requirement that the Board regulate personnel who may work in a pharmacy or under the supervision of a pharmacist. 
  • Admin. R. Mont. 24.174.711(1) [], which restricts the number of pharmacy technicians a registered pharmacist may supervise, is waived for the duration of the state of emergency, with the following limitations:
    • A registered pharmacist and pharmacy technician must be authorized to administer an authorized COVID-19 vaccine.
    • The ratio is waived solely for the purpose of administering an authorized COVID-19 vaccine and conducting associated administrative duties and procedures.

For a complete copy of the Governor’s Directive go to:  Directive-3-30-2021-EO, “Directive Implementing Executive Order 2-2021 by waiving strict compliance with Admin. R. Mont. 24.174.711” 

Montana Contact - Immunization Association Manager

Contact information for Montana's Immunization Association Manager is: 
Bekki Wehner
Phone - 406-444-0065
Email:  [email protected]

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ASHP State Affiliate Toolkit for Well-Being and Resilience in the Workforce

ASHP offers a State Affiliate Toolkit Well-Being and Resilience, including a "to do" list for promoting a resilient and thriving pharmacy workforce. While geared to local/state affiliates beginning the conversation, the toolkit identifies a framework and suggested milestones in the journey that translated to other committees. Sample documents and tools are linked throughout the list.

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CDC has Released Updated Guidance on "Routine Immunization during the COVID-19 Pandemic"

CDC has issued “Interim Guidance for Immunization Services During the COVID-19 Pandemic” to help immunization providers in a variety of clinical settings plan for the safe vaccine administration during the COVID-19 pandemic. This guidance will be updated as the COVID-19 pandemic evolves.

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