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Pharmacy Technician Spotlight Features - Mandy Ousley

Where do you work and what is your position? I work at Juro’s Health and Wellness Pharmacy and I am a certified compounding pharmacy technician.
What motivated you to pursue a career as a pharmacy technician? I started when I was 18. It was just by luck really; I was a teenager with no guidance, heading nowhere. I was working in a plant shop in North Carolina and I had to go water the Hot Houses. After the first time I did this, I thought, I had better find something else to do. In North Carolina, it is 115° in the summer with humidity. It was not an outdoor job I wanted. The plant store I worked in, had an Eckerd pharmacy and they were hiring for a technician. I just happened to fall into it. It has been my passion and love ever since.
What is your favorite thing about being an MPA member? And if you aren’t an MPA member, what interests you about the association? I’m not a member, but the opportunity for CE and just meeting others around the state and learning about their pharmacy technician jobs.
What is your latest accomplishment? We are currently renovating our home.
What are your passions outside of work? If I’m not working, I love spending time with my family; we love hanging out at the Yellowstone River. I also learned how to bake bread during COVID and have loved it!
What advice do you have for other pharmacy technicians? Always keep your ears open and listen and learn as much as you can. There is something new to learn every day. From pharmacists to residents, they are always willing to teach.

What are the qualities of a good Pharmacy Technician? 

Incredible work ethic? Positive energy? Can-do attitude? Challenge junkie? Sincere heart for patients and their needs? I could go on and on.  Introducing Krista Schrader who embodies all this and more.  I had the opportunity to visit with Krista, pharmacy technician with The Clinical Pharmacy at Northwest Healthcare of Kalispell, Montana to discuss her career, her thoughts about the industry and the direction she would like to see the field take.  Read the full article about Krista, provided by Angela Jensen.

PTCB previously produced a short film that highlights the role of the pharmacy technician and the importance of PTCB certification. The film features leaders within the pharmacy community and certified technicians who speak about their own experiences.  View the video.

Do you wonder about a career as a pharmacy technician?  Below are links to resources if you would like to learn more.
--Pharmacy Technician Certification Board
--Allied Health Department, Seattle, Washington

Read more about the steps to obtain and maintain pharmacy technician certification in Montana.

800-363-8012 Would you like to know more about:
--How to prepare for certification                --The schedule to do so
--Cost and location to take exam                --And more?
The Pharmacy Technician Certification Board is your source.  Browse the site.


Technician Membership in the MPA -- Technicians can join the MPA for only $30 for an annual membership (November 1 - October 31).  Benefits include greatly reduced fees for continuing education and having an association that advocates for the best interests of the profession in areas such as certification and licensing.  MPA supports technicians as an integral part of pharmacy.  It is a team connection between pharmacists and technicians that works to further the profession of pharmacy.  


Technician Representative - MPA Board of Directors
Leigh Wilson, BS, CPhT

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Musings from Leigh Wilson, Pharmacy Technician Director

As I look back over my career as a pharmacy technician, I often sit back and revel at how far the pharmacy technician profession has come, back when it was just a job to me. I have been working as a pharmacy technician for the past 27 years and remember the days of the ½ door to the pharmacy, typing out medication labels on a typewriter, and refilling the monthly pages of Drug Facts and Comparisons. I reminisce when we knew our patients, their children, and grandchildren and for some of you, this isn’t a thing of the past. As the pharmacist profession grew for pharmacists to practice at the top of their licenses, so did the need for technicians to advance. Over my career, I have seen pharmacies and organizations put plans into action to advance their technicians into specialty positions which includes but is certainly not limited to immunization and compounding technicians, buyers, medication assistance and 340b coordinators, analysts, and educators. I am impressed at all the work which has gone into creating and developing career ladders and the advanced certifications we can now pursue. Thank you to all of you who have made this possible for us and have supported us. Thank you for your commitment to our profession as pharmacy technicians and seeing it through. I value you, your efforts, and your time and energy which has been invested in us, your pharmacy technicians. Thank you. You are appreciated.