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Support Student Pharmacists on the National Stage and at Conferences
Please support the University of Montana APHA-ASP efforts to represent Montana on the national stage! Many student pharmacists have traveled across the country this past year representing and advocating for

Montana Pharmacy.    

Shelby Koppany, a second year student pharmacist, will be attending the Institute of Alcoholism and Drug dependencies for the second time this June. She has been instrumental in the development of Generation Rx, a group dedicated to spreading awareness among the community about the dangers of misusing prescription medications and attributes a large part of her leadership and drive to attending this influential conference.

Christie Blaskovich, a second year student pharmacist, attended the January Business Meeting in Washington DC and the APhA Annual Meeting in Nashville, TN as the APhA-ASP Region 7 Regional Delegate. She provided an update on the Montana pharmacy profession and the University of Montana Skaggs School of Pharmacy to the Children and Family Health Committee of the Montana Legislature in Helena, MT as the MPA Student Director. She will be attending the APhA-ASP Sumer Leadership Institute in Washington DC this summer where she will advocate for the pharmacy profession on Capitol Hill and network with student pharmacist leaders from around the country.

The students would love to see all Montana pharmacists and pharmacy technicians sporting Montana Pharmacy shirts! Click here to view the tee shirts and how to order. Questions? email [email protected]   


Thanks to the support of our members, the MPA is able to assist deserving students.
he University of Montana APhA-ASP thanks you for your  support!


Carly Johns

My name is Carly Johns and I am currently a P4 pharmacy student at the University of Montana Skaggs School of Pharmacy. I was born and raised in Anaconda, Montana. I graduated from Anaconda High School in 2011 and attended Montana Tech of the University of Montana in Butte from 2011-2014 for my Pre-Pharmacy Studies. I chose to go into pharmacy because I love being able to help people in any way I can and I believe pharmacy allows me to do that. I chose the University of Montana because I wanted to be able to help patients in the state I love. In my spare time, I love to be outside as much as possible. I am very grateful for this scholarship and cannot wait to be a pharmacist.

Read Carly's thank you letter.

Colton Kreamer

Colton is 2 parts crazy, 3 parts outdoor enthusiast and 5 parts pharmacy student.  An avid hiker, he enjoys the beauty of the world.  He especially loves when his fiancée, Kathryn, joins him in life’s adventures.

Read Colton's thank you letter.

Ashley Lovec

Ashley Lovec is the daughter of Bill and Ruth Hughes and is from Butte, Montana. She began pharmacy school at the University of Montana in 2014, after graduating with a Bachelor of Science from Eastern Washington University. She chose UM to be closer again to her family and because of the small class size and caring family feel of the program. When she finally gets to become a “real” adult, she wants to hold a clinical pharmacy position hopefully in Billings, Montana. Right now her main areas of interests are NICU and ambulatory care, but anticipates these changing during her residency year. Outside of pharmacy school, her favorite past times are playing board games, especially any in the Pandemic series, and spending time with her husband and fellow pharmacy school classmate, Cory, and their 1-year old son, Brantley. 

Read Ashley's thank you letter.

Corle Morfield

I am from the tiny town of Plains, Montana. I chose UM because I was born and raised in Montana and couldn't imagine myself leaving; plus it's a great school! When I graduate from pharmacy school I plan to pursue a residency and then eventually start my career as a clinical pharmacist. When I'm not studying (which isn't very often), I love to read, paddle board, hike, and do just about anything that gets me outside!

Read Corle's thank you letter.

Forrest Murter 

Born, raised, and home schooled in Hardin/Billings Montana I was inspired to pursue healthcare by my parents who are both advanced practice providers.  I studied at MSU-Billings for my undergraduate courses before moving to Missoula.  My free time is spent searching for mountains to climb and/or ski or for that perfect ice/rock climb to tackle with a  group of friends.  If I'm not outside you can probably find me attempting to "save the world" in the form of a board game or video game...yes, I'm that cool.  I hope to practice pharmacy in a hospital inpatient setting in the state of Montana after I graduate.   

Read Forrest's thank you letter.

Lauren Parks

My name is Lauren Parks and I am in my third year of pharmacy school at the University of Montana.  I grew up in Billings, Montana and after high school graduation, I pursued a degree in Ecology and Organismal Biology. After obtaining my Bachelor of Arts degree, I wanted to further my education and follow my passion for medicine through a career in pharmacy. I found a strong interest in hospital pharmacy while interning at a hospital inpatient pharmacy and I plan to pursue residency after graduation. When not studying, I spend as much time as possible at my family cabin on Swan Lake with my husband and two young kids.  

Read Lauren's thank you letter.

Christina Putnam

My name is Christina Putnam, and I am currently a third-year pharmacy student at the University of Montana. I am from Northern California, but I came to Montana because I was attracted to the close-knit community and beautiful surroundings. I became interested in pharmacy when I was eight-years-old through observing my father's work as a pharmacist. Since then, my passion for patient-centered care has grown, and I am excited to see where my pharmacy career will take me. It was an honor to receive the Montana Pharmacy Association - Lori Morin Recognition Scholarship in Pharmacy, and I am very grateful. 

Read Christina's thank you letter.

Joe Tabor -- Read Joe's thank you letter.

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