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Montana Contact - Immunization Association Manager

Contact information for Montana's Immunization Association Manager is: 
Bekki Wehner
Phone - 406-444-0065
Email:  [email protected]

Provider Notices

Starting Dose and Quantity Limitations for Sedative Hypnotics
2020 Annual Montana Dispensing Fee Survey - Revised
New Required NCPDP Field
Vaccine Administration by Pharmacists

ASHP State Affiliate Toolkit for Well-Being and Resilience in the Workforce

ASHP offers a State Affiliate Toolkit Well-Being and Resilience, including a "to do" list for promoting a resilient and thriving pharmacy workforce. While geared to local/state affiliates beginning the conversation, the toolkit identifies a framework and suggested milestones in the journey that translated to other committees. Sample documents and tools are linked throughout the list.

Phase II – Details of Governor Bullock’s new order to reopen Montana – Click HERE.

CDC has Released Updated Guidance on "Routine Immunization during the COVID-19 Pandemic"

CDC has issued “Interim Guidance for Immunization Services During the COVID-19 Pandemic” to help immunization providers in a variety of clinical settings plan for the safe vaccine administration during the COVID-19 pandemic. This guidance will be updated as the COVID-19 pandemic evolves.

 Click DPHHS button below for Montana Coronavirus Information & Resources from Dept. of Health & Human Resources - Check back for daily updates!

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